Au Kingcare Full Cream Milk Powder

Au Kingcare Full Cream Milk Powder

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Auscare is  an all-Australian dairy product company, committed to supporting the health and wellbeing of families the world over.Au kingcare Powdered Milk range is farmed and produced by Australian farming families - bringing the highest quality, safest and most delicious powdered milk in to homes all around the world. 


Experience the rich, creamy texture of real milk in an ultra - convenient format with AU Kingcare Instant Full Cream 100% Real Milk Powder. It delivers a flavour profile that is pure, fresh and full - bodied - good enough to drink on its own or add to your favourite cooking creations. Not only is the taste creamy, rich and delicious, 


Made from 100% Natural Real Milk 

Preservative, Additive & Gluten Free 

Enriched with Vitamin A that helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails; keeps bones, teeth and joints strong and promotes cell development 

Enriched with Vitamin D which optimises calcium absorption and supports muscle strength 

High in Calcium for strong bones 

High in Protein 

Enhance formula with dietary fibre for healthy intestinal system 

Permeate Free 

Value for Money, 1kg Pack Constitutes to 7 Litres 

A Product of Australia 

Vitamin A is crucial for children's good health and development plays an important role in vision and bone growth and helps protect the body from infections. Vitamin A also promotes the health and growth of cells and tissues in the body, particularly those in the hair, nails, and skin. 


Vitamin D helps bones grow, develop properly and stay strong by helping to ensure the body absorbs and retains calcium and phosphorus, both critical for building strong bones.

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