About Us

Auscare Group is an Australian owned and operated company. 


The Auscare head office, manufacturing plant and distribution centre are all located in Melbourne. Auscare Group own a number of brands including Au-Kingcare and Aomay.


Au-Kingcare is an Australian owned dairy brand, committed to supporting the ongoing health and wellbeing of families both locally and globally. The Au-Kingcare powdered milk range proudly uses milk products farmed and produced by Australian farming families.


We care about the people that use Auscare products. Our production facilities adhere to the highest Australian food safety standards and we are committed to the ongoing research and development of quality, safe and delicious milk products that can benefit people of all ages.


Au-Kingcare, Care for your family, Expert's Choice!

Our Products


Wow, this milk powder actually mixes well with cold water, taste like real  milk, really delicious, in the summer, it is so convenient to just use cold water to mix, highly recomend!

Cai Tang, AU

Friend's recommendation,not too sweet and taste just right, easy and convenient package. 


Both my grandmother and my baby loves Au Kingcare Milk, they taste really delish!

Au Kingcare, Care for your Family-Expert's Choice. 


Au Kingcare instant milk powders are manufactured by advanced spray-drying fresh pasteurised whole/skim milk from our premium and award-winning dairy farms in Victoria, Australia. Our milk powders dissolve instantly in cold or warm water and offer exceptionally smooth taste with full goodness of fresh milk. It is 100% naturally Australian, excellent source of Calcium  and Protein, it's gluten and preservative free. 


Monday  to Friday   9am-5pm


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Boxhill VIC 3128